Rock ‘n’ roll is here, that’s a line from our song titled “This Is Rock!” which saw the light of day (or stage lights in the night) at our show on Friday, 16th of February. We dare to say that it’s been the best show The Only had ever played so far. A huge thank you goes to every single one of you, our awesome fans, who came to Flame Music Bar to see and support us and enjoy some rock ‘n’ roll! Indeed, rock ‘n’ roll was there. We were amazed and stoked by the atmosphere, the feel and the sound of the show and we’ve enjoyed it so much!

So, what’s next? More rock ‘n’ roll of course! We’re constantly working on new songs and there will be a studio recording soon. And of course, we want to play live as much as possible, since we all love playing music and making people happy. See you soon!

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