Hello there, friends, welcome to the The Only blog again. We were thinking about what to write about for a while. We’ve always been excited about rig rundowns, seeing what our fellow musicians play and how they use their gear. So we’ve decided that every one of us should introduce their instrument and that’s how the What we play series came to life. Every week, one of us will write something about what they use to create the The Only magic. This week we have Jakub, our guitarist, who will talk about the guitar that started it all – his white Fender Telecaster.

Hey! It’s Jakub here, glad you’ve made it this far in this text! I’m so stoked about this series and about the fact that I can finally geek out about the stuff I play. Anyways, let’s go straight to the topic, one of my most favourite guitars, my 50s Reissue Fender Telecaster in White Blonde. If you’ve seen a The Only show or my Facebook (www.facebook.com/jakub.hantabal), you’ve almost certainly seen me with it. If not, here I am!

Anyways, I’ve wanted to have this guitar for a long time, until Christmas of 2016, when I got it from my incredibly loving and supportive parents. Big shoutout goes to them! I plugged it into an amp straight away and it sounded so epic!

This guitar is a perfect fit for me. It’s got a really nice neck (for absolute geeks it’s C-shape with scale length of 648mm, 7,25″ radius and 21 frets), which is nice and slim, as all telecasters. Pickups-wise, this guitar is loaded with two Fender Vintage Style Single-Coil Tele pickups with AlNiCo magnets, which are, of course, single coils.

Sound-wise, a Tele has been proven many times as the ultimate versatile guitar. It’s been used many times in many songs from many genres ranging from jazz through country, funk, classic rock and even heavy metal. And that’s what i love about this guitar. It can do every tone from spanky cleans to heavy overdriven rock ‘n’ roll madness. If i had to pick just one from my collection to for example tour with or do studio sessions, it would most probably be this white beauty.

So, that’s it for today, see you in a week with more backstage geeky stuff. Till next time!

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